‘Through breathing, we feel the living planet that gave birth to our musical instruments, through breathing, we create the music that connects our souls with yours…’



‘AERA, Tales of a Breathing Planet’


AERA takes us back to the origins of the word ‘AIR’, rooted in the ancient Greek language. That subtle element, that you can’t touch or own, but is present everywhere, connects us all and is vital for our survival.

We see our beautiful planet as a giant living organism, which equally ‘breathes’ as we do. Air is its life force, which nourishes and connects us all, no matter how close or far we are from each others in the world.


‘AERA, Tales of a breathing planet’ pays then a humble tribute to this most subtle but also powerful element of Mother Nature, which is at the same time, the most important element in our music.

As musicians, we wanted to challenge ourselves by exploring the possibilities of doing an album exclusively with wind instruments and in our case in particular, this meant of course to explore an intimate and in-depth dialogue between our main instruments the Bansuri and the Didgeridoo.


In this spirit, we created 7 songs, 7 wind tales different in character, where we tried to express different aspects of this special element of nature and also the different nuances and wider spectrum of our instruments.

While playing, we aimed to connect to that sacred space, where the division between the inner and outer realms start to fade away... Simply, by remaining open as the channel where air can flow freely within our bodies, be canalized throughout the corridors of our instruments to be later manifested as sound.


Magic is when the alchemy of this cycle is completed, but that can only happen when there is someone to receive it, so thank you, for being here, now, at the end of this journey with us!


We hope you enjoy merging into the sounds and vibrations of AERA.



Aura & Lies

SANSZUS CD 'AERA, Tales of a breathing planet'

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