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Aura Rascón is a Mexican flautist, composer and interdisciplinary artists currently based in The Netherlands.

She works internationally with an agenda that includes solo and group concerts, recordings, teaching/lectures and interdisciplinary street theater and stage Music Theatre performances.


As a bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) player, Aura performs regularly solo concerts of Hindustani Classical Music in Europe, India and Mexico mainly and has also toured extensively with her master, the internationally acclaimed bansuri legend Pdt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, accompanying him in his concerts and tours in United States, Europe, India, Mexico and Brazil in concerts where he was accompanied with some of the greatest tabla exponents of today’s time such as: Ust. Zakir Hussain, Pdt. Shubankar Baneerjee, Pdt. Anindo Chaterjee among others.

She has also been invited to perform and collaborate with some of the most renowned Indian musicians of the younger generation such as sitar virtuoso Niladri Kumar and bansuri brilliant exponent Rakesh Chaurasia.

Lately she has also been featured performing as a bansuri soloist in Dutch National TV Channel ‘Nederland 2’. 


Aura is also a versatile musician who has performed and also led  various cross cultural music projects collaborating with artist coming from different music traditions as varied as: flamenco, electronica, jazz, west African, Ottoman, Balkan and contemporary chamber music.

As a composer, she has studied and developed the possibilities of introducing Raga Art based music for chamber music ensembles mixing western and non-western instruments, in a personal style she calls ‘Music without borders’.


As a performer and musician, she has worked extensively with different Interdisciplinary artistic projects, such as ‘Kuxan Suum, arte en movimiento’ the performance art company she founded in 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria and with which she toured all over Europe in major summer festivals from 2001-2005. She has also has been working for 7 different street theater companies in The Netherlands since 2005 and also worked in 2012 for ‘ALBA Theaterhuis’ in their successful Music Theater production ‘SHELTER’ by Dutch theater director Arlon Luijten.


As a teacher she holds a degree on music education and has had wide experience teaching from individual lessons to group workshops including ages from children to adults. She has been a guest lecturer and teacher in various music centers and Universities in different cities in Mexico such as ‘Center Bartok’ of Mexico city, the University of Zacatecas, between others, where she has given lectures, workshops and master classes mainly on ‘Introduction to Indian Classical Music’ and ‘Hindustani Classical Music and the art of improvisation’.


As an artistic and creative director, Aura established formally the Non-profitable Foundation ‘FullMoon Babylon’, a multicultural and interdisciplinary project she has been developing since 2008, which presents a monthly mini-festival in the city of Rotterdam and which is dedicated to open up a platform for upcoming talent as well as to professional artists wishing to present new projects in the fields of world music, jazz, classical music, modern dance and circus.


Aura had a formal education on western classical music, completing a Bachelor degree (with honors) in western classical music education with traverse flute at the University of Sofia in Bulgaria and a second Bachelor and a Master degrees in Hindustani Classical Music with bansuri, Hindustani Classical Music at CODARTS, University of the Arts (Conservatory of Rotterdam) in The Netherlands. She has also studied at the bansuri academy of her master Hariprasad Chaurasia, ‘Vrindaban Gurukul’, in Mumbai, India, where she spends every winter learning from him in the traditional Guru-Shyshya Parampara (Master-Disciple tradition).


She has been awarded with prestigious honor scholarships by different cultural, humanistic and governmental organizations such as the UWC-United World Colleges International organization, a humanistic project founded by visionary educator Kurt Hahn and presided by Queen Noor of Jordan and Nelson Mandela (honorary president), which aims to tackle the problems and dangers of racial, cultural and religious intolerance and discrimination in our world by making education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

With this perspective, Aura stepped out of home at age 17 and left to India to complete her IB (International Baccalaureate) high school education and represent her country at the then newly inaugurated UWC, Mahindra College in Maharashtra, India where she lived for two years. It was also during this early years, that Aura developed a huge admiration and interest in Indian Culture and specially Music. She was introduced then to Hindustani classical music in its oldest and purest form by following Dhrupad vocal lessons with renowned singer Uday Bhawalkar.

Aura has also been awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, during her Bachelor music education in Sofia, Bulgaria; and by FONCA, CONACULTA, (Ministry of Cultural Affairs) of Mexico in two consecutive years (2010 and 2011) during her master studies in The Netherlands.

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